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ITTY uses the same AFSK (audio frequency shift keying) technology that RTTY uses except that the audio is streamed over the internet instead of amateur radio bands. This requires a computer to receive the ITTY stream and something (usually a TU, or terminal unit) to demodulate and decode the audio tones and relay the signal to your teletype's current loop, RS232, or whatever interface.

ITTY Station in Arvada, Colorado

The first and only "official" ITTY station is currently set up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is run by Paul Heller, W2TTY, with assistance from Tom Tillson. There are currently three streams available, with potential for a 110 baud/75 WPM stream in the future:

Stream NameURLBaud/WPM RateBit Length
ITTY Main - constant messages
45.45 baud / 60 WPM5
ITTY Autostart - periodic messages throughout the day including email postings of GreenKeys
45.45 baud / 60 WPM5
Greenwich - 
50 baud / 66 WPM
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