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DateStream NameLength (full)Audio (full)Timestamp to skip testLength (condensed)Audio (condensed)
2021-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 2021TBDTBD

2021-10-31Halloween 2021 - LunaticLUNATIC04:08:322021 LUNATIC FULL01:59:5001:04:05LUNATIC CONDENSED
2020-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 202037:21:02

2020-10-31Halloween 2020 - I Am Legend07:33:0804:00:3501:48:04I Am Legend CONDENSED
2019-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 201937:23:17

2019-10-31Halloween 2019 - The War of the Worlds03:47:11N/A1:55:12War of the Worlds CONDENSED