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This is a very new setup by yours truly. Its purpose is not at all to replace or compete with the "official" ITTY but to provide just another source of data to print. Instead of a channel constantly providing data, at this time there are only periodic, scheduled broadcasts for specific purposes. They are usually associated with holidays or are actual live broadcasts written in realtime from one of my machines. Often a video stream of a machine printing out the broadcast will be posted as well as an audio stream. At this time, broadcasts are only done at 45.45 baud, though I may run a second stream for higher baud machines if there is demand for this.

After each Each upcoming scheduled broadcast will be listed here with a link to the streaming URLs. After the broadcast, usually the audio and video streams recorded streams and raw textfiles will be posted for download and future use:here as well.

Stream NameDateLengthAudio URLVideo URLTextfile URL
Santa Tracker 20192019-12-23/24/2537:23:17
Halloween Broadcast 2019 - The War of the Worlds2019-10-3103:46:51
RTTY Live Broadcast Test2018-06-0800:01:35Same as video
RTTY Live Broadcast Test2018-05-1200:06:25Same as video-