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Send/receive emailFullOnly IMAP and SMTP are supported currently
Send/receive SMSFullCurrently only Twilio and Bandwidth (deprecated) are supported
RSS feeds


WeatherPartialRequires use of DarkSky API
Predefined RTTY artFull
Images live-converted to ASCII/ITA2/RTTY artPlannedIncluding images sent via SMS or images taken and placed into predefined directory on filesystem (such as for a live photo booth)
Live RTTY/ITTY broadcastPartialRequires use of fldigi 
Preprogrammed RTTY/ITTY broadcastFullRequires use of fldigi - will probably add support for physical TUs
ITTY/RTTY Receiver (poor man's TU)FullRequires use of fldigi
Text file editorPlanned
OTP Tape Encryption EmulationPlanned
Enigma Machine Encryption EmulationPlanned
TCP text stream send/receivePartial
Text adventure gamePlannedYou cannot get ye flask
Autofix some FIGS for fractions machinesPlanned
Motor controlFull
Current loop controlFull
Human-friendly installation scriptPlanned
Integration with MorseKOBPartial
Compatibility with i-Telex protocolPlanned
Compatibility with Volpe Board


Compatibility with Nagle BoardPartial