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If you were led here because you noticed a crawler named "ttycrawler" in your logs that directed you to this page, this is the purpose of that crawler. If you have questions about it or think it may be causing an issue for your site, please contact me so I can address it. 
If you know of a teletype-related site that is not on the below list, or if you find that one of these sites is no longer functional so that its mirror should be made public here, please contact me.

One of the goals of is to archive as much teleprinter-related information as possible for preservation. To this end, weI've established a special crawler that parses known teletype-related sites and backs them up redundantly. Even if the site only has a few pages directly related to teleprinters, I'll usually mirror the entire site. In the event that the site becomes permanently unavailable, we I will upload the latest snapshot of it here.

Yes, the Internet Archive most likely has also archived much of these sites away, though it is known for missing pages. This way we ensure we archive everything we possibly can. It is impossible to save precious data too redundantly.

List of Mirrored Sites

Nick England's Navy RadioCurrently all sites are functional; if any disappear, we'll make the mirror available here

GreenKeys Archive
Navy Radio
VIR History
K4OZY's Boatanchor
Johannes Kok
Telegram & Cable Co.
Engineering & Technology History Wiki
Antique Wireless Association