ITTY uses the same AFSK (audio frequency shift keying) technology that RTTY uses except that the audio is streamed over the internet instead of amateur radio bands. This requires a computer to receive the ITTY stream and something (usually a TU, or terminal unit) to demodulate and decode the audio tones and relay the signal to your teletype's current loop, RS232, or whatever interface.

ITTY Station in Arvada, Colorado

The first and only "official" ITTY station is currently set up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is run by Paul Heller, W2TTY, with assistance from Tom Tillson, WB2TTY (originally run by George Hutchinson, W7TTY, up until 2017). More information at There are currently four streams available:

Stream NameURLBaud/WPM RateBit Length
ITTY Main - constant relay of messages submitted by users baud / 60 WPM5
ITTY Autostart - periodic messages submitted by users-- also includes GreenKeys mailing list messages baud / 60 WPM5
ITTY Greenwich - constant channel like above but specific to Europe both in submissions and baud rate baud / 66 WPM5
ITTY 100 - constant relay of messages submitted by users like the Main stream but at 100 WPM; content sounds like it will be subject to change

75 baud/100 WPM5

This is a very new setup by yours truly. Its purpose is not at all to replace or compete with the "official" ITTY but to provide just another source of data to print. Instead of a channel constantly providing data, at this time there are only periodic, scheduled broadcasts for specific purposes. They are usually associated with holidays or are actual live broadcasts written in realtime from one of my machines. At this time, broadcasts are only done at 45 baud.

Each upcoming scheduled broadcast will be listed here with a link to the streaming URLs. After the broadcast, the recorded streams and raw textfiles will be posted here as well.

DateStream NameLength (full)Audio (full)Timestamp to skip testLength (condensed)Audio (condensed)
2022-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 2022TBD

2022-10-31Halloween 2022 - TBDTBD

2021-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 202137:22:18

2021-10-31Halloween 2021 - LUNATIC04:08:322021 LUNATIC FULL01:59:5001:04:05LUNATIC CONDENSED
2020-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 202037:21:02

2020-10-31Halloween 2020 - I Am Legend07:33:0804:00:3501:48:04I Am Legend CONDENSED
2019-12-23/24/25Santa Tracker 201937:23:17

2019-10-31Halloween 2019 - The War of the Worlds03:47:11N/A1:55:12War of the Worlds CONDENSED

Key to the table above

Highlighted rows are for upcoming broadcasts

  • Date: Day(s) the broadcast was or will be originally aired
  • Stream Name: brief description of what the broadcast contains, e.g. Santa Tracker, Halloween story, &c.
  • Length (full): Length of the full stream including any test messages and gaps of silence between messages
  • Audio (full): Link to download the full audio if the broadcast has been completed. If the broadcast is yet to be completed, it will link to the live stream.
  • Timestamp to skip test: The timestamp to skip to in the full audio if you wish to skip the test messages and get to the main part of the stream.
  • Length (condensed): Length of the condensed version of the stream, which does not contain any test messages and collapses all gaps of silence to just a few seconds for those who wish to get all messages as quickly as possible and not follow the delays from the original stream.
  • Audio (condensed): link to download the condensed version of the broadcast.
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